The Road to State


As the 2015 band season began to peek around the corner, the excitement was already building. Each set of drill learned added to the growing anxiousness of having the show perfect. With state being every two years, the whole community of Waxahachie welcomes the state year with a smile because they cannot wait to see what the Spirit of Waxahachie will accomplish this fall. The Alamodome is the goal, but they are shooting for higher than that this year. Mr. Armstrong and Mr. Bell have a new goal in mind: to earn a medal in San Antonio. After receiving 8th place two years ago, the band is in full force to try to overcome the plateau from previous years and rank higher this season. From the trembling freshman and sophomores who have never experienced the feeling of performing next in the Alamodome, to the juniors and seniors who can taste the victory so close to them for their last opportunity to give their heart and soul into a state year, the whole band unifies together as one. As a close to the marching season and the senior’s marching careers, state is a great way for the community to support the band and cheer them on from either San Antonio or Waxahachie. Mr. Armstrong is relentless about the nonnegotiable things the band has to do and have, and believes that they will help the group of students go far. The show is great, music is great, band in general is great, and now it is just up to the group of high schoolers to put it into action with passion.