Waxahachie Volleyball Banquet

     Monday, December 4, 2017, was the Lady Indians annual volleyball banquet. The M.C. of the event was Ms. Dawn Hilburn, and the food was prepared by Chef Skipper. The invocation by Sophomore, Cinnamon Witherspoon was very moving while she blessed the food. Starting the ceremony, Coach Bridgett Melton announced the Freshman team, followed by Coach Dana Scott with Junior Varsity and finally Coaches Sandy Faussett and Bobbie Janky announcing Varsity.

     The awards were: Most Improved, Fighting Heart and Indian Pride. Freshmen awards were given to Briana Harper and Emma Smithey (Most Improved), Belle Winn and Linzie McCloud (Fighting Heart) and Allison O’Donell (Indian Pride). THe players on Junior Varsity who received awards were Fayth Hunt (Fighting Heart) and Halle Becerra (Indian Pride). Varsity awards were given to Allison Wells and Audrey Nalls (Fighting Heart) and Whitney Volentine and Taylor Stoops (Indian Pride).

     The meaning behind “Most Improved” is a player who has worked countless hours to improve their ability and talents on and off the court. This is a player who is willing the give 110% day in and day out to be a better player, being coachable and an overall great person.

     “Fighting Heart” goes to a player(s) who would be willing to get hurt before the ball would touch the floor or a point would be lost. Fighting in practice and in games until the whistle is blown for the players to shake hands. The perfect example is Alli Wells in the playoff game against Lake Ridge. She passed four consecutive balls to help us win the game. She did not give up on the ball or on her teammates.

     The “Indian Pride” award is one of the most prestigious awards in the program. This award is presented to the players who are a true representation of Waxahachie Volleyball, who give all their love and support to their teammates. The meaning behind such an astounding award is for those who are in the program, to strive for greatness and to hold the program to high standards. At each game, each practice, each little team pow-wow, the teams break out with “Indian Pride”. Those two words are meant to be said loud and proud because without indian pride, the volleyball program would not be nearly as amazing as it is now.

     Closing out the banquet, a special tribute was made to Bobbie Janky, who is retiring after her 17 years of teaching and coaching at Waxahachie. She is an incredible person, not only in life but in the classroom and on the court and track. She has dedicated her years to students, student athletes and her co-workers. Janky received a trophy displaying her years contributed and wins with the Lady Indians. Also, the Varsity players signed a banner for her to take home as a little reminder that once an Indian, always an Indian.