Ellinor Bearden


Emma Fletcher, Staff Writer

For Ellinor Bearden, dancing was never an option. At the age of three, Ellinor’s mother put her in tap and ballet lessons to start her early dance career at Danceworks. Her daily crying forced her mom to take her out of classes, but Ellinor started right back up the next year with a newfound love for dance. 14 years later, Ellinor is rounding up her last year at Danceworks and starting her last season as captain of her school’s drill team, the Cherokee Charmers. 

“Because I was so young, I never had a say in if I wanted to dance or not,” Ellinor said. “I’m very grateful that my mom forced me to do it because I don’t know what my life would be without dance.”

Ellinor varies in many different styles of dance including pointe, ballet, tap, lyrical, hip hop, and anything else that she is asked to do. 

“Growing up in the dance studio really helped me get to know what styles of dance I liked and what I was good at,” Bearden said. 

Being a part of the Cherokee Charmers was something Ellinor had always dreamed of. She made the team her freshman year and has worked her way up to become the captain for her final season.

“Being captain was my biggest goal from the start, and I cannot believe I got to accomplish it,” Ellinor said. “I love the rush of adrenaline when I step onto the field to perform in front of thousands of people every Friday night.” 

Ellinor dreams of getting the opportunity to be a part of a D1 pom squad in college. She plans to keep dancing in the future no matter where it takes her. 

“Dancing will always and forever be in my life, no matter the circumstances,” Bearden said.