Coach Evans Makes Her Big Return to WHS


Coach Evans, WHS alumni, recently became the freshman volleyball coach for the Lady Indian volleyball program. But this isn’t her first time being a coach on the court and even being a coach in general. Coach Evans herself taught Jr. High volleyball and then girls softball at the high school. It was a role that wasn’t too hard to fill seeing that her father, Coach Evans, coaches the football team so she’s always been around the environment of coaching.

“Truth be told it fell in my lap when I first started teaching,” said Evans.”Then I just ended up falling in love with the game and how quick-paced it is and enjoyable to not only watch but coach.”

She has fallen in love with not only the game, players, and students, but also the school. Being a WHS alumni, her favorite memories are the first time she came back to the high school since she graduated and attending her first pep rally of the year.

“Seeing how excited and happy everyone was still about the school and tradition, and it just being my first time back, made it all the more better,” said Evans. “I love how dedicated the girls are and how much work the coaches put into them.”

Coach Evans also teaches English and says that her favorite part of it is building relationships with the kids and seeing the relationship grow throughout the year.

“It lights up my day whenever they come to see me and ask me about my day and show that interest in me,” Evans said.

Evans is ready for the season.

“I’m excited to see all the growth in my freshman and on both teams,” said Evans. “I’m excited to see the growth in them that they’ve already shown me so much of what they’re capable of.”