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Head strong

Head strong

October 24, 2019

Mental health and drug abuse have rapidly become more relevant in modern America. Parts of the country are still mired in an epidemic of opioid abuse,...

The FFA state competition

Dylan Florence, Staff Writer

December 18, 2017

Some of the students in the FFA competition team have out-preformed themselves and made it to state.  The LDE's (leadership development events) are challenging competitions that use speaking and other skills. The teams are going to state are: Junior/Senior Skills, Chapter Conducting, and Ag Advocacy. Skills: Marking and explaining a product that is beneficial to the...

School Board Votes to Have Eight 'No Homework' Days

School Board Votes to Have Eight ‘No Homework’ Days

September 1, 2017

This year students will have some nights to relax with their family without worrying about homework being done. The school board votes to let students...

Dylan Florence

Dylan Florence

August 28, 2017

I'm Dylan, I'm a sophomore at Waxahachie high school and I am on the swim team. I'm looking forward to another great school year, I really...