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The Arrow

Jacie Johnson

November 28, 2018

My name is Jacie Johnson. I am in the class of 2020, this year I am a junior. I enjoy art, writing, and anything that involves my family. My hobbies include drawing, napping, and binge watching any new Tv shows on Netflix. I love anything horror or suspenseful; Horror movies, Haunted houses, Conspiracy theories, etc.

The Truth about Truth or Dare

Jacie Johnson, Staff Writer

May 3, 2018

Truth or Dare… truth, it was one of the worst scary/thriller movies I have seen all year. The plot was slow and it lacked jump scars. Most of the scary scenes were so obvious that it ruined the suspense for me. Most of the suspenseful scenes were sped through and not a lot of attention was focused on what was happening with the characters' development in Truth or Dare. A...

Traveling for the Holidays

Traveling for the Holidays

January 10, 2018

"It would be fun," they said. "It's just a three and a half hour ride to Oklahoma." At the time, I only had the positive things in my head. Like getting...

Petition to repeal STAAR testing this year

Petition to repeal STAAR testing this year

September 7, 2017

Philanthropists can get caught up in the process of collecting donations for natural disasters, like Hurricane Harvey victims. When raising money, the primary...