Falcon on the field and behind the camera lense


Gisele Aguirre, Staff Writer

Senior Victoria Falcon plays soccer for WHS, and she enjoys taking photos. Falcon started photography during her freshman year of high school. She got interested in photography because she saw her aunt taking pictures. Astonished by how cool and amazing it looked, she has been taking pictures of her own ever since.  

Some hobbies Falcon enjoys are photography, soccer, and listening to music. She has been playing soccer for 15 years. Her parents made her play every sport, which influenced her decision to play soccer. She was passionate about soccer the most. 

On the field, the position Falcon plays is defense. She loves her position, however, one thing she does not appreciate is when her team blames the defense if the other team happens to score.

Falcon has been a student at Waxahachie her whole life, and she likes the school district. 

One person Falcon looks up to is her mom because she is her main supporter and she supported her when she played club soccer. 

The challenges Falcon faced during Covid-19 are related back to wearing face masks because it is hard for her to breath due to her asthma. “The mask makes my asthma act up and makes me perform poorly in soccer,” Falcon said.

One interesting thing about her is that every single year she has played, she has gotten a soccer-related injury that was not her fault.