Rape. Knock it off.

Rape. Knock it off.

Tre' Harrison, Staff Writer

We’ve all seen it. Though many don’t speak up about it. I’m not one of those people. I’m tired of hearing stories about rape. It makes completely no sense. Why is it still happening? I thought that was gonna be a “trend” we left in 2015. It’s not fun. It’s not hip. It’s wrong.

The problem with this whole rape situation is that society continues to agonize and terrorize the victim about what they were wearing, and how they were acting, and so many other surface reasons trying to justify this terrible crime. 1 out of 6 women has been the victim of rape. 1 out of every 33 men has been the victim of rape.

In schools and in life we teach women to protect themselves and to always dress appropriately for any situation to prevent themselves from being raped. When the honest solution is, let’s just teach men to not rape. Mind-blowing I know. It’s super simple and easy to do too! Just explain to men that just because they are men, does not entitle them to a woman’s body. They need permission just like everyone else. A woman should not have to worry about the way she is dressed when she walks out the door. If a women feels great in what she is wearing the she should just walk out the door without a single thought of being assaulted.

Now just because we don’t hear about it as often, men can be raped as well. Contrary to popular belief, men also can refuse sex and be forced into it as well. As mentioned before, it does not happen often yet, we still have to protect the victims just the same as men. We have to stop this heinous crime. It’s ignorant and just low.