Prom Theme Controversy

Madison Betts, Staff writer

Waxahachie High School’s 2018 prom theme, “Night of a Waterlily” based off a Japanese garden, has been a very controversial topic among the students. The theme was chosen by Student Council’s Prom Committee after a long day exploring many ideas and thoughts.

To start, many teenagers tend to be closed-minded and not used to the idea of anything unique or untypical. “When the theme was first released I thought it was a joke and was really planning on not attending prom,” Senior Jarvis McCray said. In general, a theme shouldn’t determine wether or not one attends prom. Although it sets the mood, it is not the main focus of the night. The most important part of prom is givinh students a great experience with friends and loved ones.

On the other hand, the Prom Committee has spent countless hours planning for a fun and remarkable prom night. “This year’s prom is going to be amazing. The theme will make for beautiful decorations and an exciting night for Waxahachie students,” Junior Morgan Wray said. In actuality, the uniqueness of the theme is what makes the night so special. “I like the theme and am excited to see what’s in store. Being different is what makes something intriguing, so I think the ‘Japanese Garden’ theme will end up blowing people away,” Junior Gabbie Calderon said.

In conclusion, the prom theme may be a hot topic around WHS, but it’ll definitely serve as a memorable night. Much hard work has been put into the theme to make an unforgettable time. When students arrive at prom the decorations, food, and overall feeling in the air will blow them away.