Mailing your Vote

Mailing your Vote

Gisele Aguirre, Staff Writer

Based on what I know about the election, it is a very serious event that needs the attention of the people. I believe that it is best if people vote in person and not through the mail. Once it is mailed out, it could get lost or tampered with.

One way to vote could be a drive-through vote. It would be monitored and there would be no tampering possible. Also, another way to vote is a group of trustees coming to the door of the people who can not vote. Clearly, this has flaws, but it could work instead of voting through the mail and opening up doors for a false count and the wrong candidate being elected.

Additionally, how am I supposed to trust the postal service with my vote when they can not even bring my package without being destroyed or getting lost. Also, we could save money by doing a drive-through vote because we will not have to pay the postal service as much.

The postal have concerns as well they believe voting through the mail might lead to voting fraud. “Mail-in ballots are very dangerous there’s tremendous fraud involved,” said President Trump.