Roll Tribe Victory


As the week led up to our most cherished football game, WHS always grows more and more excited, waiting to cheer on the Indians in the Battle of 287.

While the teams warmed up, the bleachers filled with fans. “We planned ahead of time to get here early so we can choose the best seats to watch the Indians beat the Lions,” said Junior, Makayla Ross-Tell.

Throughout the game, many touchdowns were scored and many cheers screamed each time. Holding the score of 14, both teams were in a tie by the end of the first quarter, leaving the fans sitting at the edge of their seats.

Once the game started back up, we quickly reached the score of 28, with the help of Demani Richardson, causing Ennis to fall behind with a score of 21. Pretty soon, we hit 35 leading to our victory with a score of 42 while Ennis held the score of 28.

“It was a great experience, even though we had a lot of adversity,” said football player, Alonzo McGruder. “My team kept fighting, and we were able to pull the game off by a lot.” 

Although the game was amazing, the traffic was terrible. “Making sure everyone stays orderly and safe while enjoying the game was the only thing that mattered,” said the security guard, Rob Rehkopf. “After the game was very busy.” 

By the sounds of roaring fans cheering and clapping as the Indians came running with our sign, it is easily seen that this year’s Battle of 287 was successful, considering our victory.

Once again, the sign belongs to Waxahachie!