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Keira Lehman

Keira Lehman, Staff Writer

Hey y'all, I'm Keira! I'm a sophomore at WHS (2021-'22) and some things I love include oat milk lattes, New York city, rainy days, the cold, french class, and reading (even though I'm the slowest reader ever.) I'm on the WHS swim team which I love doing no matter how early the practices are. My favorite stroke is the butterfly, but in meets my events are the 200 IM (every stroke) and the 500m free. I'm fairly tall so I tend to be really good at distance sets. Now some things I hate are hot days — which I can't escape — and loud people. I am usually really quiet. Not shy, but just like won't talk to you unless you talk to me first. But once we do start talking I do a total switch. I'm also a huge Taylor Swift fan, so send me one of her songs and say something like "This reminded me of you," and I'm in love. As for my future, my dream job is to work at Vogue Magazine as an editor or a part of their layout board. I don't really have a dream college, just somewhere small or mid-sized.

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