A Mission Not So Impossible

The outstanding home of the Indians, Waxahachie High School, is on a mission to rekindle some school spirit.

“I think it’s kind of sad that people think it’s not cool to cheer for their own team. Our fans are a big part of what we do; they give us that feeling that they believe in us.” says junior and junior varsity football player John Bravo.

Throughout the years Waxahachie’s student section at sporting events has dwindled away to silence. School spirit has become “not cool” and anyone in attempt to show their support for their school are looked down upon.

“The visitor side of the stadium has more fans than the home side.” says sophomore and varsity football player Mj Onadele.

Waxahachie’s newest addition to every sporting event is the “Spirit Squad.” The squad’s goal is to encourage school spirit and get the stands, specifically the student section, to cheer on their school.

“I think that our attempt to getting our school spirit back will be successful if people just step up and get out of their comfort zones. School spirit is not a bad thing in any way.” says Junior Sydney Luera.

The Spirit Squad will be attempting several different intriguing activities that everyone can participate in with the hope to convince others to aspire to enquire school spirit.

“The class of 2015 is determined to leave a legacy of spirit for the Waxahachie student section. All students are banding together to support all of the athletic programs and in hopes that it will grow through the years.” says senior leader of the Spirit Squad and school mascot, Lauren Landers.

Mission bring-spirit-back-to Waxahachie is undergo!