Place for teenagers

Place for teenagers

Teenagers and kids need a place of their own to hangout. With the current going restriction at Showbiz you have to be 18 or older to get into the movies.

Kids have brought guns inside and have gotten fire extinguishers and disrupted peoples movie because they want to have a good laugh and be funny.

Teenagers need a place to their self so that they don’t have to worry about having an age restriction and not have to get kicked out. Teenagers like to have fun and to pranks and be outside and have lots of people around. There needs to be a place in Waxahachie where only teenagers are welcome but there is still security to make sure everything is safe.

Midlothian has this place called the Community Park or as teens call it “the sand pits”. Teens go here almost every night in the summer to hangout and play music while playing volleyball or basketball or even playing at the park or the splash pad they have. Midlothian also has a Western Kountry Klub or “WKK” to teens as they call it. The WKK has a teen night every Thursday night where only teens can go and dance with country music and can have fun with their friends.

The point is that teens need a place only of their own and can do whatever they would like but still be safe.