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WHS hosts first annual Criminal Justice Day


Students gathered in the courtyard to explore careers in the law enforcement field in the first annual Criminal Justice Day.

Advocates from colleges, military branches, and police forces spoke to students about the benefits of pursuing a career in law enforcement.

“We definitely want everyone to be exposed to the law enforcement profession,” the event sponsor and criminal justice teacher Joe Herrera said. “We want them to become familiar with our local law enforcement.”

The criminal justice class is a new addition to the electives offered at WHS. In the class, the students learn the inner workings of the law system and how to work in that environment.

“We provide professional communication public safety for first years and our sophomores will take principles of law enforcement. We updated to law enforcement 1 which will be our new junior class,” said Herrera. “We also hope to add a new senior class.”

With the addition of classes, students will be able to further extend their education in law enforcement. Many students were first introduced to the class today.

“I began looking around because I was curious,” Junior Alma Rosa Contreras said. “But afterwards, I was very impressed.”

Police officers from Waxahachie and Midlothian were happy to be a part of the event. They even brought squad cars, federal SWAT cars, and other items to show to the students.

“I checked out the event because I’m interested in law enforcement,” sophomore Nic Emestica said. “I’ve been involved in police explorers for a year and a half so it was super cool to see everything there.”

Hearing about the careers first-hand provided insight for students and their future.

“I’m in criminal justice and when the teacher told us about it, I thought it’d be a good idea,” junior Breeanna Durasa said. “The military has always interested me because it runs in my family. Today was a really cool experience and I even found out the military pays for your education.”

Criminal Justice Day will become an addition to the tradition of success in WHS. It’s a tradition students and adults alike look forward to continuing.

“This program benefits the students in countless ways,” Midlothian police officer, Ruben Pereida said. “It gives them a sense of how to stabilize a career in the field and provides them with a great head start.”