New parking lot rule affects students’ lives


Our high school has recently implemented a rule that calls for students to walk on the sidewalk instead of walking through the parking lot when crossing from the ninth grade campus to the high school. This new rule also calls for students not being able to walk out to their car during school hours to get homework or anything that they’ve left in their car. Many students are upset by this rule.

“I wish we could get passes to our cars. I forget things in my car sometimes,” said Sophomore Lexi Workman.

She said she hasn’t been able to eat lunch for the past three days because she forgot it in her car and was not permitted to get it, but she said she’s fine with it because it helps her lose weight for prom.

Penalties for entering the parking lot during school hours include two days of ISS and a ticket which carries a  fine.

Recent ISS attendee Shai’ann Carroll disagrees strongly with this rule because she doesn’t see the point in walking around the parking lot when it’d be quicker to just walk through it. It’s simple geometry people, going through a rectangles hypotenuse is always quicker than walking on the sides. Speaking of classes like geometry, students’ grades could possibly become lower due to not being able to get homework that they forgot in their car.

Sophomore Reagan Thomas thinks that teachers wouldn’t “want our grades to suffer from being able to get (their) homework out of their car.”

If students are suffering from this new rule then what’s the point of it? Mr. Mullican thinks that parking lots “only contain death and destruction” and should be avoided at all costs, but if we live in fear then our grades, stomachs, and timeliness will suffer in the end.