Student Council Mentoring


Each week, a selection of high school students, enrolled in Ms. Axtell’s Student Council Leadership class, embark to Shackleford and Northside Elementary. Where the counselors on each campus select elementary students who they feel could use a positive influence and friend in their life.

“We get a chance to make crafts with our students, and play games with them each week. I have as much fun spending time with them as I like to imagine they do,” said Emily Galbraith.

When the students arrive, each one goes and finds their buddy in their individual classrooms, and even though many are being taken away from activities such as gym or music they are still extremely excited.

“My favorite part of mentoring is seeing the smile on the kid’s faces when you pull them out of class,” said Jaxon Roper.

The counselors often put together activities that involve regular school subjects in a fun way. There are other days where they simply let the students play with each other. Every day has a different activity to become enthralled in.

“The thing I enjoy the most is getting to see how excited he gets to play with me,” said Jimmy Mismash.

Perhaps slowly at times, each student ended up making a new friend.

“We are changing lives one by one,” said Hannah Edwards.