Upcoming Cheer Season


For the upcoming 2015-2016 cheer season, the WHS cheerleader’s will be participating in high school competition cheer. This upcoming year will be the first time since 2006-2007 that WHS cheer will be involved in competition cheer. “I’m excited to see our cheerleaders perform in the UIL competitions next year. It’s definitely something new and different, but I think it’s a positive change. It’s going to serve as a means of motivation for the girls to keep increasing their skills. I have confidence that the WHS cheerleading program is going to keep getting better and better,”  graduating senior Kali Beyer said. Practices this year are starting in May instead of in August which means we have more time to prepare for the upcoming seasons and competitions.

The competition team will consist of a maximum of 30 cheerleaders  to compete in the 5A division. All participants will have to try out to make the competition squad; no one will be placed on the team automatically. We will begin learning the routine in late October, and begin competitions in January. The competition performance will be similar to “game day” or the “extreme routine” at camp during the summer. It will consist of a combination of stunts, cheers, chants, dancing, and tumbling. “I think adding UIL competitions to high school cheer will be challenging and exciting. I hope that everyone will work hard and improve their skills as the year goes on. It will be interesting to see how well we compete with other schools. Since this is the first year with all new girls I think it will be a learning process for everyone,” varsity coach Kayla Miller said.