Spirit Squad Succession?

The crowd roaring in the stands, green filling the night sky, school spirit seeping into the veins of every team member on the field. These visions can become much more of a reality with the continuation of the school’s Spirit Squad. With the club’s leader, Caroline Barksdale, graduating in days, the future of the WHS Spirit Squad is now in the hands of Junior Audrey Willett.

Spirit Squad has been a club here at WHS since founded by the progressive and unprecidented 2015 student body president, Caroline Barksdale. Willett is the school’s future student body president and future squad leader. An assembly was held on Thursday in the FAC during Tribe Time featuring the future plans for the school’s spirit group. Willet led the meeting and elaborated on the events previously introduced including green out and black out, while proposing ideas of white out, neon night, and color wars. Yell leaders, similar to those seen in universities such as Texas A&M, are becoming a reality here at WHS. The beauty of her proposals was that every aspect of the school would receive their own amount of support. Captains from the soccer, volleyball, football, theater, baseball, cross-country, and basketball teams were invited onto the stage to give their support and consideration. Football member Jordan Kitna reminded students of the Spring Show being played by the Indians at the stadium on Saturday and future plans for games taking place at the Cowboy Stadium.

The assembly was an outlet for Willett to follow through on her  proposals that were made during her campaign. Her ideas were optimistic and displayed through a prepared presentation. There was a positive and exciting atmosphere in the crowd as Willet presented these ideas. Her goal is to immerse spirit throughout the school, leaving no team behind. These goals can only be accomplished with student support and participation. The future is looking bright for Indian spirit in the hands of Willett.

Logan Hill, future senior class vice president attended the assembly and had his own view on the presentation. “There were a lot more people at the meeting than expected. I am optimistic for the future of the Spirit Squad and how much it will grow,” Hill said.

To assist in adding to the squad’s efforts, those interested can meet up with Willett or other Student Council members. To stay informed, you can follow the student body reminder on Remind 101 at “@w2015wisd” and the Spirit Squad at “@b305e.” These accounts are intended to send helpful information such as dates and locations of games, in addition to meetings and gatherings going on around campus.