Half-Gallons of Happiness; Blue Bell makes comeback


Many Texans have eagerly awaited the return of their favorite ice cream. Now it is finally back! Blue Bell’s delivery trucks made it to it’s first Texas store on this past Monday, around 4:00am and unloaded 1,100 half gallons of the four announced flavors: Homemade Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate, Cookies & Cream and The Great Divide. About two hours after making it to the shelves, the store was flooded with customers desperately rushing to buy the taste they missed. By 7:00a.m. almost half of the products had been swept off the shelves. “I’m really excited that Blue Bell’s back and I’m excited to go buy it,” says sophomore Tyreqe Thompson. The news of Blue Bell returning to central Texas brings smiles to everyone’s faces. Junior Daisy Munoz says, “Now I can finally enjoy my ice cream.” Blue Bell has also taken to social media with “#bluebell.” Many people on Instagram and Twitter have posted pictures of themselves happily holding their half gallons of ice cream with captions such as, “I feel like today is a holiday, thanks to the return Blue Bell” and “I washed every spoon we own today so that we are ready for Blue Bell tomorrow!!” The return of Blue Bell brings joy to everyone around Texas and hopefully it can soon return to every store.