All For One, One For All


Here at Waxahachie High School, we take serious pride in our sports. It seems, however, that junior varsity and freshmen sports tend to be overlooked in the eyes of the fans, coaches, and varsity players. As a sophomore, I was able to be apart of the JV cheerleading team where we cheered at volleyball, basketball, pep rallies, and football games just the same as varsity. Going into my first football game this past friday, I arrived with very high expectations because of the hype I was hearing about from my teammates and the Spirit Squad. Although the game was very close and great to watch, I was surprised to notice that the game was just as fun to attend as the past two years. I am a strong believer that life is what you make of it, along with games as well. If the fans used the same spirit they use for varsity games, I believe they would find it just as enjoyable. Waxahachie is known for ALL of our talented teams, not just our varsity; therefore, I believe we as a school should support them all equally and attend a JV and freshman game every once in a while and utilize the fabulous fans we have.