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Photo Pheelings


Picture Day comes but once a year, and it can bring out a wide variety of emotions from individuals all around campus.

Some students feel that being forced to take a picture only brings out their insecurities.

When asked about Picture Day , Junior Emily Martinez said it makes her feel “disgusting.”

Other students at WHS agree with her.

When asked the same question, Juniors Abbey Melick and Mike Rungren said that Picture Day makes them feel “ugly” and “unattractive,” respectively.

On the other hand, some students enjoy dressing up and having their picture taken.

“I like Picture Day,” said Junior Jamia Williams, “I didn’t really dress up today… Well, kinda.”

Though many different opinions were represented throughout the student body, most students were united under the opposition of the snappy behavior exhibited by the photographers.

“I feel like [the photographers] are too rushed,” said Junior Tyler Galbraith, “They need to be more friendly.”

However, the photographers had their own opinions to share about the students.

Third year veteran of the School Photography Industry, Roxanne Rodriguez, said, “I wish the kids wouldn’t make so many faces at us, and that they would listen more.”

Picture Day this year took place in the Library, and not everybody was too thrilled with that decision.

Librarian Megan Mills said “I feel like I’m going to have a seizure… I can’t think.”

Students were walked down to the Library during their English classes, interrupting the lesson for the day, although some teachers don’t seem to mind.

AP English Language teacher Melissa Huskisson said, “I think that having a yearbook to commemorate your high school experience is important, and if giving up 15 minutes of my class allows for that, then I’m ok with it.”