T.P.P. Causes Waves In Washington


From farmers to forgotten phony politicians, a new trade deal with pacific rim countries is causing waves in Washington… and the whole United States.  The Trans-Pacific Partnership allows free trade between the countries that line the Pacific ocean. Much like NAFTA, this agreement holds the potential to change the lives of millions of individuals in developing countries and help feed our growing economy, but also with similarity to NAFTA, the TPP holds many dangers as well. The treaty, as purposed by President Obama, would require strict regulations to be implemented on the factories and farms of the countries in the pact. This stipulation is beneficial in theory, but in practice the facilities go unchecked and  not renovated for years at a time. More so than that, free trade established threatens American jobs and lives. Because of the lack of mandates in these developing nations, the cost of production is far below any of the prices that the United States can produce. Thus, the TPP creates an even larger incentive for U.S. corporations to offshore their labor and production to foreign soil. In the eyes of a prudent economist this could prove to be detrimental to the health of the American society. Then to put the final nail in the coffin, the Deal promises to deprive Farmers of their local market in the pursuit of “better” deal. In summary, this progressive trade deal has the potential to build a great prospering naval community, but it also has the potential to exploit labor and diminish jobs in the country we love.