Small town hits growth spurt

As the new year begins to unfold on our small Texas town, and we begin to reflect on the year 2015, you may begin to think, “This town isn’t so small anymore.” Throughout the years of living in Waxahachie, it has simply became habit to say “I live in a small town about 30 minutes south of Dallas” without even mentioning its name. But now, more than ever, our town is breaking out of the seams and becoming busier, more populous, and far more eventful than ever. The evidence is simple, we are becoming the hot suburb of Dallas to raise a family,  and we are gaining more businesses to attract people from not only Ellis County, but from around the Metroplex.

This, our big-little city, now has an Academy. Good-bye 20-minute trips to Cedar Hill and Mansfield. The same site that Academy is located in, there is soon to be a Raising Canes, Ulta, McAlistser’s, and many more businesses opening. On the other end of town, a small, authentic Greek restaurant opening names Euros Gyros. Food and businesses aside hundreds of houses have been built creating more and more room for people to come to town.

Overall, this little town isn’t so little anymore, new businesses are coming, and old businesses are striving. Next time someone asks where I’m from I will say, “Waxahachie, Texas. I’m sure you have heard of it.”