Spamalot takes home Best Musical honors


If you can remember, in January the musical theater department put of a rendition of Monty Python’s “Spamalot.” It starred Kaiden Maines as Lady of the Lake, Calvin Rehonic as King Arthur, and Blake Sauceda as Sir Robin. The show took us on a journey through a dark and terribly expensive forest located in Camelot. King Arthur was on a quest to find his grail and his destiny. Between the many dances and comedy bits we met many funny characters and other people along the way.

During our show, we were judged in the Dallas Summer Musical awards. When we received or nominations over spring break, we were speechless after realizing that we were nominated for best orchestra, best ensemble, musical direction, direction, best supporting actor for Calvin, best actor for Blake Sauceda, best actress for Kaiden Maines, and best musical to make a total of eight awards. the awards are based on a point system and once the best actor and actress nominees are decided upon, then they are required to re-audition in front of all the DSM judges. Blake and Kaiden performed for the judges on Tuesday.

The day before the awards, all the best musical nominees went to the music hall at fair park to rehearse. We performed “Knight of the Round Table.” After a long night of rehearsal, we had to be back there the next morning at 9:30. This was the start of our long, stressful, but fun day. First, individual nominees had to go over the opening number and then all the schools had a tech rehearsal. Once we had our out time to rehearse was over it was a lot of waiting. Before the show we were able to attend the red carpet. This is here the individual nominees were introduced and were interviewed by WFAA. Immediately after we had to get into costume before we performed our number which was at the end of act one. We quickly changed from our costume to our formal clothes and went to watch the second act.

During the second act we watched other schools perform and heard the winners of a few of the smaller awards and then the end was the big awards. We found out that we won best musical direction first and then for a long time we did not win anything which lowered our hopes of wining best musical. Then came time for the best actor and actress medleys. Blake’s group was first. Blake did an amazing job and had everyone in the audience laughing so hard that they were crying. Up next was Kaiden’s medley. When she sang, she blew everyone out of the water. When the announcer began to say “and the winner is” me and the people around me held hands in hope that we would hear her name and our hopes came true. everyone from Waxahachie jumped to their feet and excitement. We were all so happy for her after she worked so hard to make Spamalot the best musical it could be. Then finally, for the moment that we had all been waiting for, best musical. We were on the edge of our seats when the moment came. There was a chance that we would win but we somewhat thought that Guyer H.S. might have won for Mary Poppins. Then the president of DSM began to say who won. All he had to say was “wax” and then we were back on our feet and all in tears. We had just won the DSM High School Musical Theater Award for best musical. We had worked so hard and at that moment it was all worth it. This was truly one of the highlights of all of our high school careers.