Haunted or Hoax?


The Catfish Plantation has been standing strong for decades. Mostly known for ghosts, the food is delicious as well.

As an employee and a frequent visitor, I have only had one paranormal experience. I was walking drinks to one of my tables and the door to the kitchen opened without me even touching it. Now we have three very lovely spirits that help us out: Caroline, Will and Elizabeth. I assume the friendly door holder was Caroline. She owned the house with her husband back in the old days. She and her husband died in the house. Caroline is one of the more practical spirits.

Many people have had experiences. My sister, also an employee, has had doors open and close, cups stacked for her, and even spoons stacked neatly when nobody else was there.

Owned by the Landis’ for years, The Catfish Plantation is still one of the most interesting places to go during the Halloween season. All the employees dress up in different costumes for the whole month. It’s great to see everyone’s personalities come through in their choice of outfit.

No matter the season, Catfish is one of my favorite places and always will be. If you haven’t had the chance to stop by, please do. Join the family!