Warriors Make History


The Golden State Warriors beat the Memphis Grizzlies in Oracle Arena 125-104 in a regular season game. Clinching this win, the Warriors are entering the playoffs at the top seed in the West Conference. Last year the Warriors finished their season off with a 67-15 record, but this year they have made NBA history. With the win against the Grizzlies, they have topped their season off with a 73-9 winning record. The best winning record since the Bull’s record in the 1995-96 season with a 72-10 record. They started off their season with a 24-0 record with no idea what the team would come to accomplish. Head coach Steve Kerr said, “It’s a great way to finish off what was an amazing regular season. I just told our guys I never in a million years would have guessed that record would ever be broken.” The bulls with their outstanding season in 1995-96 finished out on top with the NBA championship. The Warriors have bright eyes to follow those same footsteps and win the NBA championship themselves, for the fifth time, and the second time in a row.

The history making doesn’t stop there for the Warriors Stephen Curry. Against the Grizzlies, he scored 46 points with 10 three pointers. With every three pointer he was making history. Curry is now the first player in the NBA to hit more than 400 three-pointers in a season.

Once again the history making does not stop for Curry, as he is the first perimeter player to average 30 points per game on a 50 plus percent shooting since Michael Jordan in the 1991-92 campaign accomplished.

The Warriors could not have finished their regular season out with a bigger bang. They will kick off the start to their NBA championship on Saturday, April 16 against Houston at Golden state.