Purpose Tour – Dallas

Purpose Tour - Dallas

Justin Bieber announced bringing his Purpose Tour to Dallas on April 10 at the American Airlines Center. This information was irrelevant to me, given that I was not a “Belieber” and I had made no advances of attending this concert…until this past Saturday, April 9, when my cousin called me and told me he had two suite tickets that he wanted to give to me.

On Sunday when we got to American Airlines, the lines of loud, obnoxious and conspicuously dressed girls, ages 6-50, made me anxious to get inside and see the concert. After walking down five staircases in the parking garage, dodging running teenagers on the sidewalk and asking for directions, we walk in the Premium entrance. The walk to Suite 1316 was an adventure but after standing in a line to buy a t-shirt and getting stuck in the staircases, we made it to the suite and met up with my cousin.

The concert started with two openings, and finally Justin rose up from beneath the stage. For the first song, he was lip-syncing and dancing…but when “Purpose” started, the crowd of girls went wild. His voice was beautiful and his dance moves were foxy. The Purpose Tour is about Justin’s faith in God through his entire journey and the closing of this song was a motivational speech about it.

The night got better and better through each of the songs. The set on stage was full of exotic lights and talented dancers and fun props like a boxing cage and a trampoline. When the song “Life is Worth Living” came on, the crowd was reminiscing and swaying with flashlights and the entire mood changed. The words spoken by Justin after that song made my heart break because it was so inspiring and sentimental.

My favorite song, “Children”, was incredible. There were actually four children, ages 4-8, that were dancing on stage during this song. The dance moves were in sync with the awesome beat and the energy of this performance made me have chills. I couldn’t believe the talent of the dancers all night and this performance blew my mind.

As the show was coming close to a close, Justin surprised us all with a throwback, “Baby”, and I have never heard a louder crowd than I did in that four minutes. Everyone’s faces lit up and the obnoxiously loud singing overwhelmed me. The laughter made my stomach hurt and this song was probably the most unforgettable part of the entire night. I remember jamming to that song back in seventh grade and to hear it live in concert brought back so many memories while making a million more in the process.

The finale was “Sorry” with showers of water over Justin and all of the dancers just like at the AMA’s. The perception of this performance was jaw-dropping to watch and I will always remember how much fun it looked. The entire concert was fantastic and it was by far the best performance I have ever seen. The experience was one for the books, and I am so glad that I got the opportunity to go.

I guess you could say that I am officially a “Belieber”.