Once Upon A Time


If you love T.V., then you’re already my friend. T.V. is one of my best friends, and my favorite show is Once Upon A Time (OUAT). That show was my happily ever after one summer when I was stuck at home with nothing to do. I was on Netflix and started the first episode one morning, then before I knew it I was half-way through the first season and it was 2 am the next day. Talk about binge watch – I didn’t leave my room – except for food. I love this show because it’s not like regular fairy tails, they’re all twisted together and shoved into each others own stories to create an epic T.V. show plot. But, this is one of those shows you have to watch in order, if you don’t you’ll be in a heap of a mess.

The storyline of season 1 is all the fairy tail’s characters live together in the Enchanted Forest, until the Evil Queen, Regina Mills, casts a curse that only the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, Emma Swan, can break. With the help of her son, Henry Mills, who was adopted by Regina, who also happens to be Snow White’s stepmother, they try to break the curse. See what I mean? A mess. And the seasons just get more confusing with more and more characters added, and you’ll only understand by starting with the Pilot and going from there. By the way, back to the thought of a curse. I feel like I’m cursed because I’m not able to watch Season 5 because it is currently on T.V. and I can only watch it on Netflix. Anyways, enough about my problems. I believe that if you love fantasy type shows or fairy tails with twists, then you may find this show intriguing.