Zayn Malik “Mind of Mine”


Zayn Malik has released his first solo album since his departure from One Direction. Many have been waiting for the release of this album titled “Mind of Mine”.

Freshman Zaira Vasquez said, “The music was good and it was worth the wait.”

The single “Pillowtalk” is an R&B slow jam, which effectively portrays his vocals and is very soothing. It ranked high on many music charts including international ones. Other songs include “Wrong” ft. Kehlani, “She”, “BeFoUr”, “Borderz”, “Truth”, “TIO”, “Lucozade”, “Fool for You”, and “Rear View”.

junior Bianca Whitten said, “His album was nice to listen to. It was a good take on R&B, and he was able to show his musical abilities to the fullest.”

Overall it is a good album worth listening to which portrays a whole different side of him that he has never shown before.