Isis on Agriculture

Picture this for a moment, you’re a farmer, using the earth, seeds, soil, and markets as a form of stability and as a provider for you and your family. Sounds pretty nice doesn’t it? But, just like in the deep south which we so love, a hard drought is upon you, stealing your water, crops, and financial stability. Now it starts to Seem a little scary. Well, even worse yet, imagine the fear of knowing somebody was coming upon you to take even more, and there was nothing you can do. Using brutal force and punishment, to all of your supplies, products, and family…“We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal” yet through the ruthless tactics of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or ISIS, these beloved ideals are being demolished. While food, water, and shelter are essential for every individual, they are becoming extremely scarce; and the lives, jobs, families, and agriculture businesses in the areas being stalked by this terrorist group, are being torn to sheds.

While the news tends to focus more upon the great threat on ISIS on acts of terrorism like nuclear war and bombings, little light is shed on the slow death of international agriculture and the hundreds of thousands of people connected to it. ISIS is posing a threat to agriculture trade and foreign lives in many detrimental ways; they are stealing farmland, misusing and mismanaging stolen water sources, and abducting and ravaging food supplies.