A Blast from the Past

Here’s the skinny! Today nothing is truly out of style, or at least not denim. Anything from the “mom jeans” to bell bottoms can be seen in the halls of WHS.

One of the items from the 90s that is most seen today are the mom jeans. I don’t know who decided to bring this staple item back, but I’m sure glad they did! These jeans have long zippers and stop at the ankle where they have most likely been rolled up.

Although considered ugly and unflattering decades ago, the high-waisted, stone blue colored pants can give a laid back yet put-together atmosphere to any outfit. Oh! And, did I forget to mention they’re comfortable, too?

However, mom jeans aren’t the only throwback denim seen today. We have been saved from the early 2000s jean mini skirt, and saved by the bell… bottoms.

Taking it back to the 70s, these pants have got to be the best thing since people started saying “fetch”. Oh wait, they never did. I guess bell bottoms are the best thing since sliced bread, then!

This iconic jean takes a completely different approach from mom jeans. Whereas mom jeans are usually a shade of blue and possibly have holes in them, bell bottoms come in all sorts of colors and patterns. They are also tight fitting to the knee, and then all of a sudden there is a flare to the floor, full of free-spirited vibes.

In closing, while mom jeans may have been unfashionable in the 90s, and bell bottoms belonged to the hippies of the 70s, the diversity of two different decades being seen in the same hallway on the same day in the year of 2016 shows how much today’s style has been influenced by years past. I wonder what other subtle yet rippling influences those two decades have brought us.

Remember, the denim that goes around, must come back around.