Cowboys get ready for season

Lights on, open roof and a jumbotron ready to kick off the season. But, there is one twist to the start of the Dallas Cowboys season. They will start the season off without Tony Romo. Once again, Romo gets hurt and the Cowboys will suffer for a good six to ten games at the most. Or will they? The Cowboys drafted a quarterback in the fourth round by the name of  Dak Prescott. He has been the name of the NFL these past couple weeks. Prescott has impressed a lot of people in the pre-season, passing for over five hundred yards, 5 touchdowns and no interceptions.

“I think he will do just as good in the regular season,” Junior Zach Griffin said.

With Prescott at quarterback, the Cowboys might change up how they play.

“I think they would have more quarterback runs, like options,” said Griffin.

Now that Romo is out, they  are relying on Prescott, but now the Cowboys need a backup for him since back up quarterback Jameill Showers hasn’t looked too promising in the pre-season. So, the Cowboys now look to Austin Davis and Josh McCown.

“Unless Dak Prescott gets hurt, they  should just stick to what they have,” said Griffin

But until Sunday September 11th, the Dallas Cowboys will have to wait for  the young fourth round draft pick Dak Prescott and see what he will do in the regular season versus an improving New York Giants defense.