Queen for a Day


The Spirit of Waxahachie Band is prepared to take on another marching season. With football heading into full swing and competitions approaching, the band is dedicated to creating a show that is aesthetically pleasing for both half-time performances and competitive marching events.

The show, titled “Queen for a Day”, is comprised of four acts that each define a certain attitude of the performance. The first act marks the arrival of her Majesty, a regal queen in her most traditional sense, full of grandeur, and transforms into a quirky queen and, finally a frivolous one. The second act transitions into an edgy modern queen, followed by the third act which emphasizes a queen of grace. Then, to conclude the performance, a final and last act representing a queen who is fierce and bold.

The show brings to the plate a variety of music from both classic rock and orchestral pieces. With an homage to Queen, the band is playing “Bohemian Rhapsody” as well as Benjamin Britten’s “A Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra”.

The band has been preparing the entire summer with Monday night practices, sectionals, and band camp that started on the first of August. The main goal is to place at BOA (Bands of America) Dallas Regional competition on October 8th.