Welcome Annsophie!

There’s a new, spunky girl in town, but she’s not your typical transfer. Her name is Annsophie Koch and she came a ravishing 5,148 miles all the way from Frankfurt, Germany. Annsophie left her life in Germany behind for a year to experience the American life as a foreign exchange student.

Now, coming to the United States from a European country isn’t the easiest decision to make, but with the help of her father, Annsophie knew that becoming a foreign exchange student was something she really wanted. She has had to adjust greatly in many aspects of her life since arriving in Waxahachie. For example, in Germany, all of her extracurriculars, such as band and choir, were after school, while here they are during different class periods. Also, there is no dress code in German schools, so having a strict dress code at WHS can be hard to adapt to. Annsophie claims that “the school is worse than expected, but the people inside the school are not.”

You can usually find Annsophie singing in the school choir, playing in the band at First Baptist Church, or with her host family, hanging out and watching movies. Here at WHS, she enjoys Health Science and Anatomy, which her favorite teacher teaches, since in the future she wants to be a radiologist. She is also very fluent in English and enjoys English class with the unreserved Mr.Miller. While in Texas, she wants to either go to Six Flags or SeaWorld. Annsophie is one of the sweetest girls I have ever met and I definitely recommend that you get to know her.