Concealed Carry on College Campuses


The issue of concealed carry has been the topic of many a political argument as of late, and in no situation is it touchier than on college campuses. Should college students be allowed to carry guns on campus, or should colleges campuses enforce gun control laws as well? Whatever side one advocates for, the fact remains that guns in and of themselves are actually completely harmless as they require human intervention to become deadly, and that the people with evil intentions will carry on with their evil ways whether they have access to a gun or not. When one considers this, the reasons to take away students’ guns and therefore deprive them of their personal protection becomes unclear. College students should be given the right to carry concealed weapons on campus.

Some people believe that one of the key factors in turning a college campus into a safe haven is eradicating guns and enforcing strict gun control laws. There are some who argue that the brains of most college students have not fully developed with regard to impulse control and judgment and are therefore a threat when given access to a gun. Practically every anti- gun advocate seems to hide behind the claim that concealed carry laws have the potential to dramatically increase violence on college and university campuses. That’s  exactly like saying selling spoons dramatically increases the obesity rate in America. Guns don’t kill. People kill. No matter what laws you put into place, the people who want to do those things will find a way.

On the other hand, studies have been conducted that have shown that accidental discharges of concealed firearms are very rare, because most guns are designed with safety in mind and because a handgun’s trigger is typically not exposed when it is concealed. Even in cases where firearms are accidentally fired,only a small fraction of accidental discharges result in injury.  

No matter how you spin it, the ultimate question boils down to this: should colleges allow concealed carry on their campuses, or should they ban their students from carrying guns? Both sides of the argument have the safety of the students as their top priority, no doubt. Concealed carry laws, however, offer more long- term protection to students than gun ban laws do. Students should be able to feel safe at the colleges they attend, and concealed carry laws add to the overall security and well- being of not only students, but everyone at the university, including faculty, staff, and visitors.