Weather Whiners


People in Texas have it easy. All I hear is people that complain about how hot, humid, or cold it is.

In my short life, I have done a great deal of traveling and have experienced many different types of weather. A majority of places to which I have been have a lot to deal with.

I’m from Colorado, and the weather there can get pretty intense. It can get pretty cold, and the cold isn’t even the problem. A majority of the time it’s the snow that causes the problems. Here in Texas everything closes and shuts down if it even snows a little bit. While in Colorado we still have everything open during blizzards, and it’s awful. The roads will be completely iced over and they won’t do anything about it.

Something I hear more about than the cold is the humidity. Like I said, I have done a great deal of traveling and my dad, who lives in Virginia, has it awfully. I visit every summer, and that is probably the worst time to visit because of the amount of humidity. It can even get a bit difficult to breath because of how heavy the air is. I’m not saying that Texas doesn’t have humidity, but they haven’t had it bad.

Same goes for heat. Texas does get pretty hot but nowhere near Arizona’s heat. I’ve been there a few times and it’s insane. They have droughts so they have a limit on how long they can take their showers. The lowest they can put the temperature in the houses is 80 degrees.

My last visit to Arizona my brother and I were going to skate to the store and get a few things for his mom. We filled two backpacks with water bottles and even added a huge bag of ice in both backpacks. Although the ice melted fairly quickly we managed to do what we needed to do without getting dehydrated.

Although Texas weather can get pretty intense, a majority of the time we have it easy. We can take showers as long as we want.