Calling All Crybabies


If you like being on the verge of tears (or straight up crying) for about an hour, I highly recommend watching This Is Us. I had seen commercials for the show just by watching regular TV, but I didn’t take interest in it until I realized I could watch all ten episodes in a row on hulu.  Honestly, I expected this to be another average night-time drama, but little did I know that it is a fantastic show, despite it being an emotional rollercoaster.

This Is Us is supposed to be about triplets who grow up together in a rural Pennsylvania home and have a great life, but instead it is about twins and an adopted black brother in the 1980’s. They are living as adults now, who are inevitably less connected, and similar things are happening in their adult life to things that happened in their childhood. Only now, their fights are have much more of an impact because they realize a hidden deeper meaning, and they are spread across the country.

Unfortunately, I can’t really say anything about the show without spoiling all of it. Typically, I’m the person who would rather read a book that’s a drama, not watch a show. I’m usually into watching comedies, like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Office, Parks and Rec, Friends, and shows along those sorts. Not sure why this show is different for me, but I’m glad it is.

This Is Us is so relatable, shows so many different perspectives all while making you a bit emo. Even if you think you won’t like it, give it a chance! You will not be disappointed.thisisus01