Spring Fashion Forecast

Spring Fashion Forecast


Hey Fashionistas, in spring of 2017, there will be a takeover of the so called “90’s fashion.”

What’s out is out this season. Let’s start with the “don’ts”…

  1. Wearing a T-shirt dress with a flannel over the waist…got to go!
  2. Stripes…Sailor?
  3. Denim skirts…let’s leave that in 2016
  4. Kimonos…only should be worn in if embracing the Asian Culture
  5. The shrunken tees
  6. No more aztec…negative!
  7. Messy buns…they were cute while they lasted
  8. White Converse
  9. Polo shirts are a classic, but Vineyard Vines is taking over.
  10. Color/Corduroy Jeans

However, as these new trends take over we have to remember to go out with the old and in with the new. The throwback styles include…

  1. Chokers…ignore those boys.
  2. denim/camo jackets
  3. Crease cut and glitter lids…work it!
  4. lace bralettes
  5. metallic shoes…yessss!
  6. oversized clothing
  7. Jeans with holes at the knee
  8. Pastel colors like: blush, nude, yellow, rose, periwinkle, silver, gold, and sheer
  9. Adidas jackets and shoes
  10. Last but not least, a plain white fitted tee underneath a spaghetti strapped edgy dress. Hopefully these spring fashion tips help you out, so the fashion Police don’t catch you!