The Abominable Cup Holders

The Abominable Cup Holders

imagesAs of last week, a few new specific rules were added to the lengthy rule book we already have. No more non clear drink holders are allowed on campus. To be more specific, the powerpoint shown in the Fine Arts Center used the word “Yeti”.

A yeti tumbler is a stainless steel drink ware that keeps ice inside a drink for up to 24 hours. They can, or could, be seen around the high school with coffee, soda, water, or tea. But, alas, the few have yet again ruined it for the whole.

This rule has been put in place for a very logical but disappointing reason. Students were taking advantage of their opaque cup holders and putting alcoholic beverages in them. They then decided to bring these drinks to school.

One of the enforcers of this rule is Dr. Al Benskin, the Waxahachie High School principal, who, as the whole sophomore class heard at Tuesday’s assembly, has the song Kill Bill as his ringtone. COOL!!!

According to Dr. Benskin the rule had already been put in place, but they had relaxed about the rule.“We try to be pro-active before things like this happen,” said Dr. Benskin.
Dr. Benskin said, “This shows that we don’t get to pick and choose the rules we enforce.”
Although the rule may seem ridiculous to most people, including myself, the reasoning behind it obviously isn’t