Farewell Obama



Over the past eight years, President Barack Obama has looked after this country. He achieved a lot for the USA while he was in office.

One of the more notable achievements was Obamacare. While most weren’t a fan because it raised taxes, it provided cheap, affordable health care to a lot of Americans. He even expanded health coverage for children.

Protecting the environment was a priority for him, so he invested heavily in renewable technology. $90 billion in research on smart grids, energy efficient cars, cleaner coal, and biofuels.

In 2011, he ordered special forces to raid a secret compound in Pakistan, which lead to the killing of the notorious terrorist leader, Osama bin Laden.

He also ended U.S. combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bringing home 90 percent of the nearly 180,000 troops who were stationed there.

He added a new policy which allowed gays and lesbians to openly serve in the military for the first time.

Only two days after taking office, he immediately signed an executive order which banned “enhanced interrogation”. That is an inhumane technique used by the CIA to get information.

And lastly, he is one of the first presidents since Dwight Eisenhower to serve two full terms without getting into any serious personal or political scandal.

This is a farewell the President Obama and we all wish the best for his future.