Bridges not walls


This past election was a very erratic one to say the least. With two controversial candidates, no one seemed like they had any idea of what they were doing. But me being an active republican makes it no surprise that I was pulling for Donald Trump. I agree with most of his views on issues like abortion and keeping jobs in America, however I have a concern with one of his biggest promises.

I am sure by now you have heard it 1000 times, “We are gonna build a wall.” I’m not saying illegal immigration is a good thing but I think a lot of people misunderstand the reasons for this issue. Although it might come as a shock that I am of mexican descent, it is a completely true statement. My great grandfather Jose Febronio Navarro illegally crossed the US mexico border. And it was not like how the media makes it out be- he wasn’t trying to steal someone’s job or to smuggle and sell drugs. He was just trying to make out a better life for himself and his future family. I never got the chance to meet him but from all the stories passed down through the generations all I have heard is that he was a great man that loved his family and worked hard for everything he had. In fact If it weren’t for him making the decision to come here i would have never existed.

So here is the message I want everyone to get out of this article. First, Thank you great grandpa Navarro for choosing to come to America because without you, I would not have the amazing life and opportunities that I have. Second, President Trump I am glad you won the election, but building a wall is not going to solve any problems and will just separate us more. My last message is to you, the American people. I know all you hear about mexican immigrants on tv now is awful and gruesome things but a few people do not speak for a whole nation. If they somehow make it through to this great country then they deserve a fair opportunity for freedom just like the immigrants who paved the road before them.