The Initiation of Grandeur


January 20 marked a historic day as president-elect Donald J. Trump was sworn into office as our 45th President of the United States.

The lavish ceremony began early Friday morning and proceeded with his Inaugural address to our nation in the afternoon. President Trump’s speech addressed his motives and purpose for the next four years. His ferocious promises called for a stop to the carnage our nation faces and reconstruction of our problematic economy.

His peculiar method for his rise to power is seen as unusual and dark; for he is known to divide others due to race, gender, sexuality, and disability. However, Donald Trump failed to address how he is going to unite this country any further.

With the National Mall sparsely populated, the number of attendees the President Trump’s inauguration is sub par to his predecessor, Barack Obama. The comparison to his inauguration and campaign rallies are highly uncanny; as his rallies usually fulfilled maximum capacity. His speech spanned about 20 minutes, with hopes to make America “great again.”

President Trump reiterates throughout the conclusion of his speech that “We will.” But who is the “we” in this equation? Is it just the privileged white man and woman who follow the status quo? Or are “we” the people of color, the fearful immigrants, the competent and silent majority that will not keep silent any longer? Mr. Trump has a lot of work to do, especially in these first 100 days.