Get Into Gear


In high school, students are often pressured to decide what career they want to pursue. Most of the time, we don’t really know what we want to do with the rest our lives. A good way to explore the many options available to us is to get an internship at a local business you might be interested in. Most of the time, it doesn’t include pay, but that’s not the point.

Before you spend quite a bit of money on a college education, it is very helpful to know that you actually like the career you are studying for. An internship gives you the opportunity to experience what a normal workday in the career field could look like. If you end up learning that you don’t actually like what the career is like, you will save a large sum of money and a few years of education. It’s better to know you won’t like it before you through all your time and money behind it. Though the high school years can be stressful, getting a feel for what your preferred career is like can sometimes ease the stress.