Split Movie Review


This past weekend, I saw the movie Split, a movie that tells the exaggerated mystery of multiple personality existence and how it can be dangerous towards people. Considering it was directed by M. Night Shyamalan, who is known for popular movies like The Sixth Sense and The Visit, you won’t forget Split. Shyamalan takes dissociative identity disorder to a whole new level.

The movie focuses on Kevin, played by James McAvoy, and his twenty four separate personalities. Kevin, who is troubled by his traumatic past, has the mindset that not one person is superior to another. Kevin battles with multiple personalities who plan to let The Beast loose within himself to rid the world of superiors. Nearing the ending of the movie, in the midst of  The Beast’s rampage, he discovers that not all people are how he sees them to be.

Overall, this was, in my opinion one of the best thriller movies I have seen. The suspense throughout the entire movie was the thing that kept me hooked. Even the setting of the movie was cleverly picked considering the fact that he was literally right under the police’s investigation the whole time. James McAvoy deserves some credit too, taking in mind that he had more than one role to play back to back. Split is definitely a must see movie.