The Total Solar Eclipse


the solar eclipse

I am sure that all of you know about the solar eclipse that happened on the first day of school. We all saw the cops blocking exit doors during lunch. Unfortunately, the students and most of the teachers at WHS did not get to experience the moon covering the sun (well at least part of it). 

We all know that one kid who is super into NASA and stuff like that. But did you know that a Waxahachie native flew Perryville, Missouri, and missed the first day of school just to see this? Once I tell you who this person is, if you know him, you probably will not be surprised. This person is senior, Joey Moon. I mean, even if you do not know him, it is not that surprising because his last name is Moon. 

“The Solar Eclipse was one of the most amazing things I will witness in my lifetime. It truly put into perspective just how small we are, and that we are insignificant compared to the power of nature,” says Moon about seeing the Solar Eclipse. 

 For those of us who got the privilege of staying in Waxahachie, you may of heard that the head Librarian, Mrs. Mills, bought 50 solar eclipse glasses to share with teachers who did not have a class. 

“It was very visible from where we were,” said Mills. “About 20 teachers were watching. Including Ms. Hillburn!”

If we are all still alive by the time the next Solar Eclipse circles around, I hope we can all see it.