Volleyball loses home opener

The Lady Indians opened their home 2017-2018 season last night against South Grand Prairie High last night and although they played a tough game they ended up losing 2-3.

“It was a good game and we are a pretty good team, they were just better than we were tonight.” says Chef Skipper, a member of the sizeable crowd that was helping cheer on the girls tonight.

The night got off to a energized start as music blared overhead the Lady Indians rushed onto the court screaming to the music and running around the whole court circling the South Garland High team. They then laid down on the floor and stomped their feet, getting pumped up for the night’s game. However, they found themselves down by three points within five minutes. The Lady Indians quickly caught up, and soon won the match.

Less than a minute into the second game the Indians had a point and SGP stayed close behind until eventually moving ahead 18-19. The fight song played over the speakers in a successful attempt to rile up the crowd, but unfortunately the efforts were lost as the Lady Indians lost the second match.

The third game was no better than the the first with our home team trailing at 4-5, then 10-15, and soon 13-19 as the game wore on. The Indians repeatedly tied with the visitors but never could get an edge above them in points. Eventually they lost with 18-25 when the South blocked a hit, barely tapping it back to the home side and letting it fall to the floor. This set up a must-win situation for the Indians.

The coaches pulled all of the Waxahachie players into the back hallway for a quick pep talk before their last chance at winning the game for the Indians. The team came out of those double doors with a new type of fierceness, slapping high fives and yelling encouragements at each other louder than ever. The game was quickly tied up at 11-11, each team vying for the edge and neither team seeming to be able to get it. Every time one side would gain a point the other would quickly match them. Eventually the teams were at 24-24 struggling for the two point lead they needed to secure a win. Unfortunately with an out of bounds serve and a hit that slipped past the Lady Indian’s fingers, victory went to SGP. 

Even though the Lady Indians lost, it was an exciting start to the season and showed us that the Indians will never give up or stop fighting for a victory.

“Even though the outcome was not what we hoped for, we grew as a team,” Senior Captain Whitney Volentine said. “It was our first time to play in front of a big crowd with nerves, but we pulled it together and fought hard every point.”