Fine Arts classes move to C lunch

In response to the large crowds in A lunch at the start of the year, a decision was made to move the fine arts department to C lunch. This caused some students to go from eating at 12:10 to 1:45.

“I don’t like it,” Junior Eleigh Lopez-Warren said. ” I am upset that they changed.”

However, on the first three days of school, students were having to eat on the floor due to the large crowds. 

“The reasoning behind the switch was so we could make sure we leveled the lunch periods,” Dr. Al Benskin, principal of WHS,  said. “The first lunch had too many students so it was hard for them to get their lunches in a timely fashion.”

Regardless of the reasons, students still are not pleased.

“I’m so angry,” Sophomore Will Dean said. “I used to be eating on time, but now I’m eating so late without warning.”