Auditions For The Fall Show Have Begun

Theatre auditions for the fall show have begun. There are two fall shows that students in theatre are auditioning for. There’s the Advanced Theatre show and the show for Black Box. Students that are in both advanced and black box theatre have double the pressure, but double the opportunity.

“I have to prepare for each character when I’m memorizing my scripts because you aren’t auditioning for one part, you’re auditioning for which ever character the director tells you to audition for,” Junior Macie Hewson said.

Hewson also said a little about the two upcoming shows. “The black box show is funny while the Advanced Theatre show is a lot more dark and southern. It shows how a church-like community is in the Tennessee region, but has a witch fit into it so it’s still fiction and not based on anything specific.”

The auditions are a huge part of being in theatre. Students auditioning go into the audition room with an open mind.

“I go into the audition room with a ‘go big or go home’ kind of attitude, but I know they’ll place me wherever I need to be,” Senior Caleb Barnett said. “My advice for people auditioning is you have to be totally committed when it comes to theatre and you have to be prepared for rejection.”

Theatre is an opportunity for students with a passion for acting and practicing to reach their dreams. It’s a great opportunity for students wanting to pursue acting as a career and are able to experience an actual audition and know how to act and perform in an audition room.

“Theatre gives me the confidence and the experience to achieve my goals,” Junior Kaylee Sanchez said.