Power to the People Club


This year, a new club has been added to the list of clubs to get involved with at WHS. This club, the Power to the People Club, focuses on feminism, LGBTQ+, and gender studies. Led by Sloane Smith, Erin Doyle, and Jessica Lenamond and sponsored by Ms. Horn, the club will hold their first meeting Wednesday, September 13 in Room 162.

“I’m looking forward to having intellectual conversations with others and being more educated on why some things work the way they work, for instance gay marriage and feminism,” Senior Dacorius Armstrong said. “I’m not against either one, but I’m willing to know why people like or dislike those things.”

Along with monthly meetings and discussions, the club is in the process of collaborating with organizations in the community to hold fundraisers and activities to benefit the school and community as a whole.    

“I’m looking forward to promoting equality and offering help to single moms and students who need a safe space,” Sponsor Ms. Horn said.

For anyone interested in being a part of this club, you can can text @4d98dk to 81010 to join the club’s remind or visit Ms. Horn in Room 162.